What is the domain and which domain name is suitable for your work?

After you decide to have an online business, the first thing you need to do is purchase a domain name for your business.

The best domains are short, memorable, and relevant to your business.

What is the domain name?

Actually the domain name is a address of your site. As if you have a business office or a shop, you can guide your customers to your office by your address, when have a web site your domain will be your office.

So the domain actually represents your site’s address and represents your job. In a nutshell, it’s easy to say that domains are the unique URLs of web pages that you can access to your page by typing these URLs in your browser.

But any address for any job is not appropriate. I’ll talk about the right names for your business in this article.

Which domain name is right for your business?

Domains consist of three part contains prefixes, domain names and suffixes. The prefix is www, which will be placed before your domain name and will be an integral part of your site’s URL.

Your domain represents your job, you must use short, summary, memorable, and meaningful names to keep in mind and to guide your users and clients to your site.

For example, as you know, our domain name is composed of ComBiz. It actually stands for the two words of Communication and Business, so that it is easy to keep in mind and to indicate the type and the branch of our work.

The most important part to choose a domain may be the name section. As I said and give an example, use shortcuts and abbreviated names for your site’s address.

The third part of your domain name is its suffix. Each suffix has been created for a specific activity and a specific purpose.

Now there is a lot of suffix that you can see all in the .

Depending on what your business is doing and the purpose for your website, you should use the appropriate suffix.

Most people think that the best and most suitable suffix is .com, but depending on your working conditions, you can choose more appropriate suffix for your domain name.