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What is backlinks and how can we get backlinks ourselves?

In order to  faster get higher rankings in search engine results, you need backlinks from reputable sites, but what is backlinks and can you do it yourself?

The word SEO or search engine optimization is familiar to all of you, SEO is divided into two general sections, the most important part of the external SEO is backlinking.

In this article of ComBiz, I’ll talk about backlinks and ways to create valid backlinks.

What is backlinks?

As I said, backlinks are links that users click on it from an external site to come your site. Backlinks are very important in the SEO of the site because search engines like Google value them a lot.

If you could not understand yet that What is backlinks, The answer is thus interpreted, Google counting each backlink as a vote, so getting new backlinks like getting more votes in an endless race In the internet space.

But these ratings are not have equal value, the important point is that backlinks should be from sites related to your field of work, as well as sites that are more valuable.

A backlink from Wikipedia website or a popular site will be much more valuable than a few backlinks from your close friend’s blog.

When a website links to you, it actually tells search engine robots that your content is interesting and relevant to its readers.

In addition, when a site links to you, Google thinks there is a link between the content of the two pages. This means that as the owner of a website, you should strive to get links to well-known and popular websites in your industry or business.

Another important point in backlinks is the text that links to your website. Anchor text should also be related to the page referred to. It is better to use targeted phrases in the backlinks rather than in the following or read here.

Where should you get a backlink?

Now that you are familiar with the concept of what is backlinks, you need to search about the sites that you can get backlinks from.

First, make a list of websites that have good potential. Search Google to find popular sites in the field of your work. (Sites that rank well in Google are generally high quality sites as well.)

Keep in mind that getting a backlink  from a dental-themed site does not help to increase the rank of you who have a site to provide road services.

Focus all your energy on finding reputable sites in your industry.  Make linking in sites that affect your ranking.

Now that you are fully familiar with the concept of what is backlinks and writing a complete list of targeted websites, you can get backlinks for your site in the following three ways.

1. Natural links

Natural links have the strongest impact on increasing your site’s SEO. As their name implies, these links occur naturally and with little effort.

normal backlinks
normal backlink

If you produce quality content, many people will definitely be encouraged to use this content on your website and you will get a good backlink from the relevant websites without your knowledge.

In addition to producing quality content, make it easy for users to share posts (on social networks and with friends) for natural links.

2. Promotional links

The backlinks you get from ads are related to sites you find directly and ask for backlinks.

If you know a reputable and popular website in the field related to your field of work, you can ask them to backlink to you. You can post guest posts on these websites.

3. Self-made links

You can give your website a backlink as well, this kind of backlinking is less effective than other ways but it can help your site grow.

Submit your name to forums related to your field of business and be active in those forums, subscribe to online directories and libraries, and don’t overlook the power of internal linking.

After doing all of the above and knowing that what is backlinks, if you want to know who has backlinked to you, just go to the Links to Your Site section of your Google Search Console.

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What is Email Marketing and How Can We Succeed in it?

You must too have seen emails in your Inbox that you do not know sender, and that the sender’s product or service was introduced in these. These emails are nowadays called marketing emails and this is referred to as email marketing. But in the broader sense, what is email marketing and how can it be successful?

Ever since introduction of Internet and email service like  Yahoo to date, email has been an essential tool for businesses. One of the goals of using email for a business is email marketing.

Most of the anonymous and spam emails you receive that contain various offers to buy a product or service are examples of bad use of email marketing.

With these inaccurate practices, not only does your website, services and goods not be targeted by your audience, you are also known to be a spammer and the audience will stay away from you.

In this tutorial from ComBiz, I’m going to talk about the concept of what is email marketing and how to use it properly.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing occurs when a business sends a business message by email to a group of people to introduce or promote their products or services.

But to answer to what is email marketing question, can be said email marketing is to send email to develop a relationship with a potential customer or current customer, these emails usually have promotional, suggested content, etc. to help Creating loyalty, trust or brand.

send email in email marketing campain
what is email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the subdivisions of digital marketing based on marketing principles and digital marketing is a subdivision of direct marketing.

What are the goals of email marketing?

Usually, emails that are sent with advertising content in the email marketing process pursue their specific goals, which fall into one of the following groups:

  • Increase the effective relationship of a business with their current and old customers, In order to keep sales going and create loyalty.
  • Send email to increase new users.
  • Promote other partner companies and other business brands in addition to providing useful content.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing Compared to Other Marketing Methods

As I explained in the what is email marketing section, email marketing is a way to attract more customers and build loyalty to previous customers. But this type of marketing has advantages and disadvantages to other marketing methods that I will explain below.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Return on Investment (ROI): Return on Investment means how much money will be returned to your account from the cost of advertising.

Return on Investment in email mareketing
Return on Investment

Return on Investment of email marketing capital can be accurately calculated and it has been proven that if email marketing is done correctly, the return on capital will be very high.

Cheap and fast: Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than other marketing methods. Due to the definition of What is email marketing, Email marketing requires a list and an email address.

Flexibility: Email marketing has no limits. You can send any kind of content such as text, photos, videos, files and links by your email and launch your email marketing campaign.

Consumer Behavior: With the advancement of technology after you send the email, you can also monitor the behavior of the recipient of the email and better understand your campaign feedback.

Direct targeting: Due to the definition of What is email marketing, you can also send personalized emails. For example, for people who have used one of your services, send a discount code for using the same service.

Content testing platform: Email marketing can be used to test your content and services.

Necessity: These days you need an email to sign up and login to any social network or app. So there is at least one email per person. Even if people don’t check their social networks, they will certainly check their email, so email marketing will be more effective than social network marketing.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

The only disadvantages in email marketing is spam. Of course, with opt-in feature, this problem can be partially solved, and soon in every person inbox will be only what they are interested in.

How can we succeed in email marketing?

Now that you are familiar with what is email marketing and the benefits and disadvantages of this type of marketing, the next question will be how to succeed in this marketing campaign.

The Marketing Insights website based on the experiences of its users,  has published some interesting information on this, which I will share below some of the most important.

Creativity: Be creative in designing your emails, email headings, colors, how to display, and more. Allow subscribers to view emails in both html text mode.

Content Relationship: Put relevant and appropriate content in email. Be attentive to the purpose of your email marketing campaign and consider the challenges and needs of the customer.

Scheduling: Depending on your audience and your goal of launching email marketing, you may want to consider different scheduling. Accurate timing can be obtained by sending an test email and receiving feedback.

Landing page: Landing page design is also very important. Your homepage is not a landing page. Customize as much as possible and redirect your audience to personalized pages.

Forget sending bulk emails to email lists, sending spam will hurt to your brand.

Now that you are familiar with the what is email marketing, you can also launch your own email marketing campaign so you can achieve a real return on your business.

Web News

2 new features for links were introduced by Google

Google has just introduced 2 new features for links, including sponsored links and user generated content links (UGCs).

Previously, there were two other types for the links, including the Follow and the Nofollow links. But now we have 4 types of links!

Google said in its official blog : ” We once decided to introduce Nofollow links to evolve and improve the web, and now it’s time to introduce two new features to improve links, Each of these links we introduce is for a specific purpose. “

But what are these 2 new features for links and how do they help us SEO our website?

What is a Follow and a Nofollow links?

Before I go into the definition of 2 new features for links, let me talk a little bit about the features that were already introduced for links.

The Follow link is the link that existed from the beginning, and it asserts to Google’s robots that the existing link is valid and can be trusted at its destination site.

But shortly after, due to spam links in the comments, Google introduced the Nofollow link. Nofollow means that link in question have no value and robots are better not paying attention to it.

What does mean 2 new features for links?

Sponsored link

The sponsored feature is, as is known, used to identify links that are placed on web pages for the purpose of advertising, sponsorship, or any other agreement.

User generated content link (ugc)

UGC or User Generated Content refers to any content that users (not webmasters or authors) publish. This content includes forum posts, comments, articles published on blogging services, and more.

Should we still use the Nofollow links?

The Nofollow feature despite introduce 2 new features for links, still very powerful and use this type of link whenever you don’t want your link to affect Google rankings.

But according to Google’s announcement, perhaps from March 1, 2020, the nofollow links will also be followed and affect the ranking of results.

You can still use all of these features in combination, and the reason for introducing these two new types of links is for Google only to have a better understanding of the status of the links.

So you don’t need to edit your nofollow links, but be careful to use new attributes for reportage or custom links from now.

Content Management Services

what is Drupal CMS?

Drupal is an open source content management system programmed in PHP. Of course, Drupal can also be used as a framework and goes beyond the CMS.

This system was initially launched for student courses, but today, like WordPress and Joomla, it is one of the open source systems with extensive features that can be used for many websites.

In this tutorial from ComBiz, I’ll talk about the Drupal content management system, its advantages and disadvantages, so follow me.

Drupal, easy and flexible system

Like any other content management system, Drupal also helps you get a website without the knowledge of programming and publish articles, images, products and more.

A strong CMS, enables multiple authors to manage writings, documents, and outputs on a single website, as well as managing other users.

Like WordPress and Magento, Drupal is free and open source (with the ability to change the source code), and with a very large and active community. Millions of organs, companies and individuals use this CMS to creat their sites without need to programming knowledge.

As yet, the system has been used to manage about 2.5 percent of all web pages; as of April, the Drupal community had about 3 million users and provides over 23,000 extensions and 2,615 theme.

The powerful Drupal system can be used for a variety of sites, including large sites that require strong security and design, as well as medium and small sites.

drupal websites
websites use drupal

Some of the sites that used this system to launch their site include: Red Hat (, Honda (, Iranian Cyber ​​Police Website ( ) and more.

The Benefits of Using this Content Management System

  • Drupal’s simplicity in web setup and site management
  • Advanced and professional features in site design
  • Drupal site creation in 5 minutes without programming knowledge
  • Flexible and programmable
  • High security in Drupal CMS
  • Existence many extensions or modules
  • Open source
  • Security
  • Ability to create high-speed cache
  • And more

Is Drupal secure?

It has always been recognized as the safest system among CMS and Frameworks and has won many awards.

drupal security
is it secure?

You should know that more than 60 percent of US government websites and more than 75 percent of government websites in the world use Drupal to manage their websites. In Iran, many government websites are based on Drupal.

Why should we choose it?

In addition to Drupal’s high security, this content management system is implemented with php and is one of the most appropriate content management systems for site design, is highly flexible and any site from small to large can be created whit this system.

Its high performance and flexibility, along with its simplicity and affordability, has led many large companies to use it.

In addition, Drupal has a lot of documentation in English that provides you with an answer for any error or question, with good reason, and gives you a definite solution.

Another feature of this content management system is its clean and standard coding, which is in many ways followed SEO rules.

But before choosing any content management system,Research well. Choosing a system depends on the features of the system and your purpose of using it. So if Drupal is in line with your goals and timeframe, select it.

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What is content creation? What does a content producer do?

What should be the next step when starting your own internet business? You must have realized that you have to go to content creation step . But what is content creation really and why spend your time and money on it?

These days, having attractive and ideal content for any website is necessary and your internet business without the content is dead!

Some people work as content producer, and content producers never be unemployed and without money, and what we need now is strong teams for producing content for internet businesses.

In this article of ComBiz, I’ll talk about what content creation is and what content producers are doing that has become so popular.

What is content creation?

You’re busy producing content every day, wondering? But this statement is quite true. When you post a picture of your daily life on one of the social medias with text about your location or your personal life, you have created a content.

content creation
What is content creation? Why should you produce content?

Content generation does not just lead to websites, but you also need to be able to create and publish content for social medias with the mood of these audience.

A chef who share his cooking on his Instagram, a student who criticizes the way professors interact with students on Twitter, and you who market your business and share on social medias, you are all a content producer.

So the answer to the question of What is content creation can say that content creation is actually text that we publish for our audience to share with them about how we operate, our daily lives, or how our company works.

Among content producer, who can succeed those have a target and attract more audiences, and thus can generate more revenue.

Why do you need to know what is content creation?

Until you don’t know about what is content creation and how to produce ideal content, you can’t get into content marketing and grow.

content creation
Professional content creation

Creating professional content helps you get branded, seen, and get the perfect income from online business.

What content is called professional?

Professional content is that will attract the audience and make your site lasting. Not only the website, but as I explained in the content creation field, you also need to be able to generate content on social medias and attract a targeted audience.

content producer
Professional content creation

Actually, it can be said that producing content is like a lecture, you have to attract your audience and they should have something at the end of the lecture. Not only in this lecture but also they should be in your other lectures.

What does a content producer do?

A content producer  by mastering about What content creation is, First, the community will find your target and start writing according to the needs of your audience in your area of ​​business.

These articles should be written and published in the languages ​​of each contacts on your website and on social media. For example, on a Instagram, writing like a web site will not work at all.

Content producers by mastering these concepts, expanding your website by producing regular and timely content, increasing your audience, and ultimately increasing your final revenue.

For any internet business, content production and having a content producer is a must. After starting your internet business, by mastering the concept of What is content creation, take the second step and start generating content.

You can also create valuable content for your website by learning content creation skills. But if you do not have the time to learn the concepts of ideal content and professional content production, you should leave it to a professional team.

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What is a guest post and how does it affect your site’s SEO?

As I explained in the ways of increasing website traffic, send guest post is one of the good ways to increase site entry.

How do you think  to send a post as a guest, and how can these posts influence your site’s SEO and increase your site traffic?

In this tutorial from ComBiz, I will talk about guest posts, their impact on site SEO, and ways to increase traffic through these posts.

What is a guest post?

A guest article is something that you write to put on popular sites. This entry will be post on popular sites as a guest article.

At the end of this articles, you can put a link to your site by a keyword. This way you can take a backlink from a popular site.

But how can writing on another site be helpful to our site and its SEO?

Google attaches great importance to backlinks and attaches great importance to sites with reputable backlinks. Guest post is a unique opportunity to post on reputable sites and get backlinks from this sites.

So if you post useful content on other sites as a guest post, in addition to getting to know a new audience, you can improve the value of your site on Google through the inbound links you receive. .

By placing a guest post on a reputable site, users of that site will read the content and click to your backlink on the site, so increase your site visits.

The Benefits of Using a Guest Post
use guest article

The good thing about guest posts is that you can attract targeted audiences to your website. You produce content that only attracts your target audience so you can attract real customers.

Since the these new users see your site link in a reputable site, it make that they more trusted and more comfortable with your site.

So by creating guest posts, you are increasing the popularity of the site, in addition to attracting more users. Of course, when posting a guest post, be careful about the connection between your site and the  host site of your post.

The more connection between your site and the host site and the more satisfied the audience is with your site, the more likely it is to return to your site and you can have permanent users.

In fact, guest post is one of the white hat SEO techniques for website optimization, which also increases the site’s ranking with the increase in site traffic.

Does share links in guest posts have a negative impact?

Probably after you find out exactly what is guest post, the question arises as to whether linking to another site does not hurt for site SEO?

Keep in mind that backlinks should be fully relevant and targeted, you should not turn your site into a source of backlink. If your goal of launching site is not to promote other sites, you should not advertise other sites.

Build backlinks on guest posts
Backlinks to guest posts

If a user goes from your site to another and leaves it immediately, your site will be penalized. So be careful in generating the content of the guest post and the link you put in it.

Accept guest post?

Guest article is actually a win-win deal. You want to have useful content on your website to attract more users to your site, and other website owners can also get targeted users to their site by placing such posts.

If you want to have a guest post on your site, you can allow the author’s profile to be posted at the bottom of the article. This box is called the author’s profile box. Authors in this box can put name, photo, profile and link to their website

What’s the difference between selling backlinks and guest posts?

If your site turns into a Source of backlinks and links to any kind of website, you will be spammed. Google evaluates the longevity of the user on your website as well as after moving from guest post to guest website.

The difference between a guest post and multi author website
The difference between creating guest posts and posts by several authors

So if you providing useful content and the link provided points to a useful destination that users like it, you do not sell the backlink but have a guest post on your site.

The difference between guest post and multi author site

Are websites that have two or more authors recognized as web site that have guest post?

When a site or a blog has two or more authors, usually all the authors of the site put their content within the designated framework of the site.

In this sites internal and external links to the content of multiple author websites also follow a certain pattern, so these sites will have no problems and their content will not be confused with guest posts.

Necessary tips to increase efficiency by guest article

To post content on other websites as a guest post, you need to consider the following tips and then select the site you want.

  • Put guest posts on popular sites
  • Pay attention to the credibility of the page and the domain of the host site
  • Complete the author introduction section
  • The proper connection of the guest post to the host site
  • Active presence of the host site on social networks
  • host site be up to date
  • Observe SEO principles in writing guest posts
  • Proper use of keywords
  • Contnet of guest article be simple and smooth

Finally, remembering all that said, keep in mind that you should focus on the users. Put useful content in the guest post and put yourself  in user place to see this content is really worth to following your site?

In this case, Google will value your site and will give you a higher ranking.

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What is SEO and what is its use?

SEO (search engine optimization) is activities that you do to improve the performance of your site in terms of search engines. Many people are looking for the answer to the question of what is SEO and want to know its exact usage.

SEO is the abbreviation for the three keywords of Search Engine Optimization which means optimize your site for search engine, in fact every action you do according to the search engines standards to attract more visitors to your site is called SEO.

In this tutorial on ComBiz, I will explain more about the question of what is SEO and the important uses of SEO in growing your internet business.

What is SEO ?

SEO is a set of activities that are done in designing the site, defining the site content generating strategy and generating its content that your website be ranked higher than your competitors in search engine rankings , especially Google search engine.

google algoritm ranking
google algoritm for ranking

Google’s ranking algorithm has over 200 criteria for ranking different sites, for example ensuring one’s site is well-structured for search engines is one of those criteria.

Aside from the search engine optimization concept I have described to answer the question what is SEO, there is another concept in SEO that is Search Experience Optimization.

Now what is SEO is very broad and is not limited to search engines, as a website owner you have to pay special attention to the user experience.

The user experience can be highlighted quickly when logging into the site, viewing the result associated with the search, and providing comprehensive explanations in the relevant domain.

What is the usage of SEO?

Now that you are somewhat familiar with the what is seo, what do you think is the usage of this concept to web pages and why should our websites be optimized for search engine?

Today, as the world of information technology grows, the use of the Internet has increased. Every person has at least one smartphone that does most of their daily work with this smartphone.

Users ask their questions from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So we need SEO so that we can direct our visitors and clients to our website.

growing your site with seo
growing your site with seo

The keywords searched by users are of high importance in search engines, by properly applying the SEO concept you can multiply your customers and sales.

What are the types of SEO?

In general, SEO is done in two ways: white hat and black hat, which I will explain below.

black white hat seo
black white hat in seo

Using SEO techniques to satisfy customers and adhering to all the rules and principles along the way is called white hat SEO, but using search engine weaknesses and techniques to deceive them along with neglecting visitor satisfaction is called black hat method.

Google treats offenders and excuses are not accepted and your site will be penalty and redirected to the bottom of the results.

Experience proves that restoring a site that has been penalized is much more difficult than restarting optimization for a new site.

How to improve SEO?

Once you know what is SEO, you can plan to improve your site’s ranking in search engine results.

There are various ways to increase your ranking in search results. In general, site SEO is divided into two parts: internal SEO and external SEO.

Internal SEO is about optimizing your website in terms of speed, coding, and so on. External SEO is about linking other website to your website.

content marketing for seo
content marketing for seo

Content marketing is one of the most effective, yet inexpensive ways to rank higher in search results. By producing good content you can get good results in your keywords with a longer but more stable time.

Where to start?

Now with reading this article you are familiar with the concept of what is SEO , but you have a long way to go to optimize your website for search engines.

But don’t despair, you can get advice from a SEO expert, take specialized SEO training classes, and eventually start your most important job of producing meaningful content.


What is the domain and which domain name is suitable for your work?

After you decide to have an online business, the first thing you need to do is purchase a domain name for your business.

The best domains are short, memorable, and relevant to your business.

What is the domain name?

Actually the domain name is a address of your site. As if you have a business office or a shop, you can guide your customers to your office by your address, when have a web site your domain will be your office.

So the domain actually represents your site’s address and represents your job. In a nutshell, it’s easy to say that domains are the unique URLs of web pages that you can access to your page by typing these URLs in your browser.

But any address for any job is not appropriate. I’ll talk about the right names for your business in this article.

Which domain name is right for your business?

Domains consist of three part contains prefixes, domain names and suffixes. The prefix is www, which will be placed before your domain name and will be an integral part of your site’s URL.

Your domain represents your job, you must use short, summary, memorable, and meaningful names to keep in mind and to guide your users and clients to your site.

For example, as you know, our domain name is composed of ComBiz. It actually stands for the two words of Communication and Business, so that it is easy to keep in mind and to indicate the type and the branch of our work.

The most important part to choose a domain may be the name section. As I said and give an example, use shortcuts and abbreviated names for your site’s address.

The third part of your domain name is its suffix. Each suffix has been created for a specific activity and a specific purpose.

Now there is a lot of suffix that you can see all in the .

Depending on what your business is doing and the purpose for your website, you should use the appropriate suffix.

Most people think that the best and most suitable suffix is .com, but depending on your working conditions, you can choose more appropriate suffix for your domain name.


What is WordPress? Why WordPress is the Best Content Management System for SEO?

WordPress is an open source content management system that was published in year of 2003 by Matt Mullenweg (the main founder of WordPress) for blogging.

But today, this system has so advanced and it has become the most popular content management system for launching a variety of websites like a simple blog or an online store.

Now more than 30 percent of all websites in the world are running with this popular system. Additionally, WordPress is designed for SEO or search engine optimization.

In this tutorial from ComBiz, I will talk about WordPress’s popular content management system and its key features.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open source, and web based content management system that you can use to set up a variety of websites.

While this system is a popular and well-known system, but the question most users are asking is which sites can be launched with this system? Is it safe? Can this system be trusted?

I will answer all these questions in the following article. But you can answer all the questions with a short answer in the same paragraph:

Yes, WordPress is a secure and flexible system with which you can launch any type of website.

What sites can be launched with WordPress?

Since this system was originally published for publishing articles on the Web, users think this system is just for the blog and can not be used to build large websites.

But I would advise you to use this system to launch your own large websites and getting to know with its capabilities.

As I said WordPress is a free and open source system. Open source means that anyone anywhere in the world can write and make available to the public various add-ons, it’s enough to be familiar with php programming.

WordPress is Free that means that you can download this and use this system by spending the least cost, for host and domain.

Just go to the official website of this content management system, the WordPress repository, and download the latest version.

This system with the help its powerful add-ons, can be converted to an online store, an online training website, a service delivery website, a portfolio website, and more. That means you can launch any website with WordPress.

Is it safe?

Many people suspect that this system is open source, so its security is very low and hackers can easily penetrate in it.

If you have the same suspect, I must say that you are completely wrong. WordPress open source capability can not be a valid reason for its insecurity.

wordpress security
wordpress is secure and safe

The system is 99 percent safe, and if anyone does not create security holes by installing unreliable plugins and templates, then there’s no problem.

Also many security plugins for WordPress are available to help you increase your website security by up to 99.9%.

Also, WordPress core developers continually offer new releases, and at any moment they try to make this system not have any security bugs, and your data will not be compromised.

Can I trust this system?

If you’re still not convinced about using WordPress to launch your website, it’s best to know that many of the world’s top websites use this content management system.

Familiar websites such as the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, and Reuters are on the list of websites that use this system.

It can be said that more than 68 million sites around the world are using WordPress, which has led WordPress to be called the most popular content management system.

Web News

WordPress 5.2.2 was released

Less than a month after the release of WordPress 5.2.1, the WordPress developer team presented a new version of WordPress 5.2.2.

In this version, 13 bugs have been removed from previous versions, and some features of the previous version have been developed, including the health feature of the site as well as the Gutenberg editor.

In addition to the problems in RTL mode have been resolved, the possibility of quitting the recovery mode on the mobile device is also provided, the translation threads are integrated in version 5.2.2 and about 10 other problems have been resolved.

According to the forecast the next version is WordPress 5.3 and it will be presented with more features, but the exact timing of the publishing is not yet clear.

If auto-update is enabled on your WordPress website, your website will automatically update to WordPress 5.2.2.

But if you have disabled auto-updates on your website, then go to the dashboard and then click on update button.

You can also download the WordPress 5.2.2 version by visiting the WordPress repository and then manually update your website.

Be sure to back up your website before updating WordPress and then update your website Manually or through your dashboard.