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What is backlinks and how can we get backlinks ourselves?

In order to faster get higher rankings in search engine results, you need backlinks from reputable sites, but what is backlinks and can you do it yourself?

In order to  faster get higher rankings in search engine results, you need backlinks from reputable sites, but what is backlinks and can you do it yourself?

The word SEO or search engine optimization is familiar to all of you, SEO is divided into two general sections, the most important part of the external SEO is backlinking.

In this article of ComBiz, I’ll talk about backlinks and ways to create valid backlinks.

What is backlinks?

As I said, backlinks are links that users click on it from an external site to come your site. Backlinks are very important in the SEO of the site because search engines like Google value them a lot.

If you could not understand yet that What is backlinks, The answer is thus interpreted, Google counting each backlink as a vote, so getting new backlinks like getting more votes in an endless race In the internet space.

But these ratings are not have equal value, the important point is that backlinks should be from sites related to your field of work, as well as sites that are more valuable.

A backlink from Wikipedia website or a popular site will be much more valuable than a few backlinks from your close friend’s blog.

When a website links to you, it actually tells search engine robots that your content is interesting and relevant to its readers.

In addition, when a site links to you, Google thinks there is a link between the content of the two pages. This means that as the owner of a website, you should strive to get links to well-known and popular websites in your industry or business.

Another important point in backlinks is the text that links to your website. Anchor text should also be related to the page referred to. It is better to use targeted phrases in the backlinks rather than in the following or read here.

Where should you get a backlink?

Now that you are familiar with the concept of what is backlinks, you need to search about the sites that you can get backlinks from.

First, make a list of websites that have good potential. Search Google to find popular sites in the field of your work. (Sites that rank well in Google are generally high quality sites as well.)

Keep in mind that getting a backlink  from a dental-themed site does not help to increase the rank of you who have a site to provide road services.

Focus all your energy on finding reputable sites in your industry.  Make linking in sites that affect your ranking.

Now that you are fully familiar with the concept of what is backlinks and writing a complete list of targeted websites, you can get backlinks for your site in the following three ways.

1. Natural links

Natural links have the strongest impact on increasing your site’s SEO. As their name implies, these links occur naturally and with little effort.

normal backlinks
normal backlink

If you produce quality content, many people will definitely be encouraged to use this content on your website and you will get a good backlink from the relevant websites without your knowledge.

In addition to producing quality content, make it easy for users to share posts (on social networks and with friends) for natural links.

2. Promotional links

The backlinks you get from ads are related to sites you find directly and ask for backlinks.

If you know a reputable and popular website in the field related to your field of work, you can ask them to backlink to you. You can post guest posts on these websites.

3. Self-made links

You can give your website a backlink as well, this kind of backlinking is less effective than other ways but it can help your site grow.

Submit your name to forums related to your field of business and be active in those forums, subscribe to online directories and libraries, and don’t overlook the power of internal linking.

After doing all of the above and knowing that what is backlinks, if you want to know who has backlinked to you, just go to the Links to Your Site section of your Google Search Console.

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