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what is Drupal CMS?

Drupal is an open source content management system programmed in PHP. Of course, Drupal can also be used as a framework and goes beyond the CMS.

Drupal is an open source content management system programmed in PHP. Of course, Drupal can also be used as a framework and goes beyond the CMS.

This system was initially launched for student courses, but today, like WordPress and Joomla, it is one of the open source systems with extensive features that can be used for many websites.

In this tutorial from ComBiz, I’ll talk about the Drupal content management system, its advantages and disadvantages, so follow me.

Drupal, easy and flexible system

Like any other content management system, Drupal also helps you get a website without the knowledge of programming and publish articles, images, products and more.

A strong CMS, enables multiple authors to manage writings, documents, and outputs on a single website, as well as managing other users.

Like WordPress and Magento, Drupal is free and open source (with the ability to change the source code), and with a very large and active community. Millions of organs, companies and individuals use this CMS to creat their sites without need to programming knowledge.

As yet, the system has been used to manage about 2.5 percent of all web pages; as of April, the Drupal community had about 3 million users and provides over 23,000 extensions and 2,615 theme.

The powerful Drupal system can be used for a variety of sites, including large sites that require strong security and design, as well as medium and small sites.

drupal websites
websites use drupal

Some of the sites that used this system to launch their site include: Red Hat (, Honda (, Iranian Cyber ​​Police Website ( ) and more.

The Benefits of Using this Content Management System

  • Drupal’s simplicity in web setup and site management
  • Advanced and professional features in site design
  • Drupal site creation in 5 minutes without programming knowledge
  • Flexible and programmable
  • High security in Drupal CMS
  • Existence many extensions or modules
  • Open source
  • Security
  • Ability to create high-speed cache
  • And more

Is Drupal secure?

It has always been recognized as the safest system among CMS and Frameworks and has won many awards.

drupal security
is it secure?

You should know that more than 60 percent of US government websites and more than 75 percent of government websites in the world use Drupal to manage their websites. In Iran, many government websites are based on Drupal.

Why should we choose it?

In addition to Drupal’s high security, this content management system is implemented with php and is one of the most appropriate content management systems for site design, is highly flexible and any site from small to large can be created whit this system.

Its high performance and flexibility, along with its simplicity and affordability, has led many large companies to use it.

In addition, Drupal has a lot of documentation in English that provides you with an answer for any error or question, with good reason, and gives you a definite solution.

Another feature of this content management system is its clean and standard coding, which is in many ways followed SEO rules.

But before choosing any content management system,Research well. Choosing a system depends on the features of the system and your purpose of using it. So if Drupal is in line with your goals and timeframe, select it.

By مانی بهرامپور

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