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What is Email Marketing and How Can We Succeed in it?

Before you want to know about proper email marketing techniques, you need to know what is email marketing and then make profit with the right methods.

You must too have seen emails in your Inbox that you do not know sender, and that the sender’s product or service was introduced in these. These emails are nowadays called marketing emails and this is referred to as email marketing. But in the broader sense, what is email marketing and how can it be successful?

Ever since introduction of Internet and email service like  Yahoo to date, email has been an essential tool for businesses. One of the goals of using email for a business is email marketing.

Most of the anonymous and spam emails you receive that contain various offers to buy a product or service are examples of bad use of email marketing.

With these inaccurate practices, not only does your website, services and goods not be targeted by your audience, you are also known to be a spammer and the audience will stay away from you.

In this tutorial from ComBiz, I’m going to talk about the concept of what is email marketing and how to use it properly.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing occurs when a business sends a business message by email to a group of people to introduce or promote their products or services.

But to answer to what is email marketing question, can be said email marketing is to send email to develop a relationship with a potential customer or current customer, these emails usually have promotional, suggested content, etc. to help Creating loyalty, trust or brand.

send email in email marketing campain
what is email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the subdivisions of digital marketing based on marketing principles and digital marketing is a subdivision of direct marketing.

What are the goals of email marketing?

Usually, emails that are sent with advertising content in the email marketing process pursue their specific goals, which fall into one of the following groups:

  • Increase the effective relationship of a business with their current and old customers, In order to keep sales going and create loyalty.
  • Send email to increase new users.
  • Promote other partner companies and other business brands in addition to providing useful content.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing Compared to Other Marketing Methods

As I explained in the what is email marketing section, email marketing is a way to attract more customers and build loyalty to previous customers. But this type of marketing has advantages and disadvantages to other marketing methods that I will explain below.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Return on Investment (ROI): Return on Investment means how much money will be returned to your account from the cost of advertising.

Return on Investment in email mareketing
Return on Investment

Return on Investment of email marketing capital can be accurately calculated and it has been proven that if email marketing is done correctly, the return on capital will be very high.

Cheap and fast: Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than other marketing methods. Due to the definition of What is email marketing, Email marketing requires a list and an email address.

Flexibility: Email marketing has no limits. You can send any kind of content such as text, photos, videos, files and links by your email and launch your email marketing campaign.

Consumer Behavior: With the advancement of technology after you send the email, you can also monitor the behavior of the recipient of the email and better understand your campaign feedback.

Direct targeting: Due to the definition of What is email marketing, you can also send personalized emails. For example, for people who have used one of your services, send a discount code for using the same service.

Content testing platform: Email marketing can be used to test your content and services.

Necessity: These days you need an email to sign up and login to any social network or app. So there is at least one email per person. Even if people don’t check their social networks, they will certainly check their email, so email marketing will be more effective than social network marketing.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

The only disadvantages in email marketing is spam. Of course, with opt-in feature, this problem can be partially solved, and soon in every person inbox will be only what they are interested in.

How can we succeed in email marketing?

Now that you are familiar with what is email marketing and the benefits and disadvantages of this type of marketing, the next question will be how to succeed in this marketing campaign.

The Marketing Insights website based on the experiences of its users,  has published some interesting information on this, which I will share below some of the most important.

Creativity: Be creative in designing your emails, email headings, colors, how to display, and more. Allow subscribers to view emails in both html text mode.

Content Relationship: Put relevant and appropriate content in email. Be attentive to the purpose of your email marketing campaign and consider the challenges and needs of the customer.

Scheduling: Depending on your audience and your goal of launching email marketing, you may want to consider different scheduling. Accurate timing can be obtained by sending an test email and receiving feedback.

Landing page: Landing page design is also very important. Your homepage is not a landing page. Customize as much as possible and redirect your audience to personalized pages.

Forget sending bulk emails to email lists, sending spam will hurt to your brand.

Now that you are familiar with the what is email marketing, you can also launch your own email marketing campaign so you can achieve a real return on your business.

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