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What is a guest post and how does it affect your site’s SEO?

A guest post is something that you write to put on popular sites. This entry will be post on popular sites as a guest article.

As I explained in the ways of increasing website traffic, send guest post is one of the good ways to increase site entry.

How do you think  to send a post as a guest, and how can these posts influence your site’s SEO and increase your site traffic?

In this tutorial from ComBiz, I will talk about guest posts, their impact on site SEO, and ways to increase traffic through these posts.

What is a guest post?

A guest article is something that you write to put on popular sites. This entry will be post on popular sites as a guest article.

At the end of this articles, you can put a link to your site by a keyword. This way you can take a backlink from a popular site.

But how can writing on another site be helpful to our site and its SEO?

Google attaches great importance to backlinks and attaches great importance to sites with reputable backlinks. Guest post is a unique opportunity to post on reputable sites and get backlinks from this sites.

So if you post useful content on other sites as a guest post, in addition to getting to know a new audience, you can improve the value of your site on Google through the inbound links you receive. .

By placing a guest post on a reputable site, users of that site will read the content and click to your backlink on the site, so increase your site visits.

The Benefits of Using a Guest Post
use guest article

The good thing about guest posts is that you can attract targeted audiences to your website. You produce content that only attracts your target audience so you can attract real customers.

Since the these new users see your site link in a reputable site, it make that they more trusted and more comfortable with your site.

So by creating guest posts, you are increasing the popularity of the site, in addition to attracting more users. Of course, when posting a guest post, be careful about the connection between your site and the  host site of your post.

The more connection between your site and the host site and the more satisfied the audience is with your site, the more likely it is to return to your site and you can have permanent users.

In fact, guest post is one of the white hat SEO techniques for website optimization, which also increases the site’s ranking with the increase in site traffic.

Does share links in guest posts have a negative impact?

Probably after you find out exactly what is guest post, the question arises as to whether linking to another site does not hurt for site SEO?

Keep in mind that backlinks should be fully relevant and targeted, you should not turn your site into a source of backlink. If your goal of launching site is not to promote other sites, you should not advertise other sites.

Build backlinks on guest posts
Backlinks to guest posts

If a user goes from your site to another and leaves it immediately, your site will be penalized. So be careful in generating the content of the guest post and the link you put in it.

Accept guest post?

Guest article is actually a win-win deal. You want to have useful content on your website to attract more users to your site, and other website owners can also get targeted users to their site by placing such posts.

If you want to have a guest post on your site, you can allow the author’s profile to be posted at the bottom of the article. This box is called the author’s profile box. Authors in this box can put name, photo, profile and link to their website

What’s the difference between selling backlinks and guest posts?

If your site turns into a Source of backlinks and links to any kind of website, you will be spammed. Google evaluates the longevity of the user on your website as well as after moving from guest post to guest website.

The difference between a guest post and multi author website
The difference between creating guest posts and posts by several authors

So if you providing useful content and the link provided points to a useful destination that users like it, you do not sell the backlink but have a guest post on your site.

The difference between guest post and multi author site

Are websites that have two or more authors recognized as web site that have guest post?

When a site or a blog has two or more authors, usually all the authors of the site put their content within the designated framework of the site.

In this sites internal and external links to the content of multiple author websites also follow a certain pattern, so these sites will have no problems and their content will not be confused with guest posts.

Necessary tips to increase efficiency by guest article

To post content on other websites as a guest post, you need to consider the following tips and then select the site you want.

  • Put guest posts on popular sites
  • Pay attention to the credibility of the page and the domain of the host site
  • Complete the author introduction section
  • The proper connection of the guest post to the host site
  • Active presence of the host site on social networks
  • host site be up to date
  • Observe SEO principles in writing guest posts
  • Proper use of keywords
  • Contnet of guest article be simple and smooth

Finally, remembering all that said, keep in mind that you should focus on the users. Put useful content in the guest post and put yourself  in user place to see this content is really worth to following your site?

In this case, Google will value your site and will give you a higher ranking.

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