What is WordPress? Why WordPress is the Best Content Management System for SEO?

WordPress is a free, open source, and web based content management system that you can use to set up a variety of websites.

WordPress is an open source content management system that was published in year of 2003 by Matt Mullenweg (the main founder of WordPress) for blogging.

But today, this system has so advanced and it has become the most popular content management system for launching a variety of websites like a simple blog or an online store.

Now more than 30 percent of all websites in the world are running with this popular system. Additionally, WordPress is designed for SEO or search engine optimization.

In this tutorial from ComBiz, I will talk about WordPress’s popular content management system and its key features.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open source, and web based content management system that you can use to set up a variety of websites.

While this system is a popular and well-known system, but the question most users are asking is which sites can be launched with this system? Is it safe? Can this system be trusted?

I will answer all these questions in the following article. But you can answer all the questions with a short answer in the same paragraph:

Yes, WordPress is a secure and flexible system with which you can launch any type of website.

What sites can be launched with WordPress?

Since this system was originally published for publishing articles on the Web, users think this system is just for the blog and can not be used to build large websites.

But I would advise you to use this system to launch your own large websites and getting to know with its capabilities.

As I said WordPress is a free and open source system. Open source means that anyone anywhere in the world can write and make available to the public various add-ons, it’s enough to be familiar with php programming.

WordPress is Free that means that you can download this and use this system by spending the least cost, for host and domain.

Just go to the official website of this content management system, the WordPress repository, and download the latest version.

This system with the help its powerful add-ons, can be converted to an online store, an online training website, a service delivery website, a portfolio website, and more. That means you can launch any website with WordPress.

Is it safe?

Many people suspect that this system is open source, so its security is very low and hackers can easily penetrate in it.

If you have the same suspect, I must say that you are completely wrong. WordPress open source capability can not be a valid reason for its insecurity.

wordpress security
wordpress is secure and safe

The system is 99 percent safe, and if anyone does not create security holes by installing unreliable plugins and templates, then there’s no problem.

Also many security plugins for WordPress are available to help you increase your website security by up to 99.9%.

Also, WordPress core developers continually offer new releases, and at any moment they try to make this system not have any security bugs, and your data will not be compromised.

Can I trust this system?

If you’re still not convinced about using WordPress to launch your website, it’s best to know that many of the world’s top websites use this content management system.

Familiar websites such as the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, and Reuters are on the list of websites that use this system.

It can be said that more than 68 million sites around the world are using WordPress, which has led WordPress to be called the most popular content management system.

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