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WordPress 5.2.2 was released

Less than a month after the release of WordPress 5.2.1, the WordPress developer team presented a new version of WordPress 5.2.2.

In this version, 13 bugs have been removed from previous versions, and some features of the previous version have been developed, including the health feature of the site as well as the Gutenberg editor.

In addition to the problems in RTL mode have been resolved, the possibility of quitting the recovery mode on the mobile device is also provided, the translation threads are integrated in version 5.2.2 and about 10 other problems have been resolved.

According to the forecast the next version is WordPress 5.3 and it will be presented with more features, but the exact timing of the publishing is not yet clear.

If auto-update is enabled on your WordPress website, your website will automatically update to WordPress 5.2.2.

But if you have disabled auto-updates on your website, then go to the dashboard and then click on update button.

You can also download the WordPress 5.2.2 version by visiting the WordPress repository and then manually update your website.

Be sure to back up your website before updating WordPress and then update your website Manually or through your dashboard.

By عاطفه نوربخش

عاطفه نوربخش هستم؛ هم بنیانگذار " وردپرس نارنجی " که حاصل تجربه های خودم در حوزه تخصصی وردپرس را برایتان می نویسم و تلاش میکنم به شما کمک کنم تا با سیستم مدیریت محتوای وردپرس، سایت وردپرسی ای زیبا و حرفه ای داشته باشید.

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